Subject: if_attach problem
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/11/2003 10:19:49
Hi ,

I faced crash in NetBSD kernel while creating and deleting interfaces when
i executed a script which creates/destroy  interfaces in succession..(say
create 128 vlan interfaces and delete 128 vlan interfaces)

I am using Netbsd version 1.6

On debugging I came across an issue in if_attach function...
Atleast preliminary study leads me to this conclusion ..

Issue with if_attach function..
It is related to extendible array approach for if ifindex2ifnet global
variable which stores pointer to ifnet structure for a particular
After fixed number of interfaces, this ifindex2ifnet array of pointers is
malloc for double number of interfaces..

see following line of code from if.c
      if (ifindex2ifnet == 0)
            while (ifindex2ifnet[ifp->if_index] != NULL) {              <--- issue at this line
                  if (if_index == 0)
                        if_index = 1;
                   * If we hit USHRT_MAX, we skip back to 0 since
                   * there are a number of places where the value
                   * of if_index or if_index itself is compared
                   * to to or stored in an unsigned short.  By
                   * jumping back, we won't botch those assignments
                   * or comparisons.
                  else if (if_index == USHRT_MAX) {
                         * However, if we have to jump back to
                         * zero *twice* without finding an empty
                         * slot in ifindex2ifnet[], then there
                         * there are too many (>65535) interfaces.
                        if (indexlim++)
                              panic("too many interfaces");
                              if_index = 1;
                  ifp->if_index = if_index;

--> crash occurs at line "while (ifindex2ifnet[ifp->if_index] != NULL) {
when ifp->if_index value is 1024 and total number of records malloc are
--> In this case index of array becomes 1024 while limit should have been
from 0 to 1023..
--> Consider iteration when before entering while loop value of ifindex is
1023.After entering if_index is incremented, and ine the end assigned to
ifp->if_index, In while statement, not-malloc area is accessed..
--> Actually this should cause problem everytime, when pointer for last
ifnet interface is to be updated ..say when array ifindex2ifnet is to be
increase dynamically from 8 records to 16 , 16 to 32 and so on..
--> But it gave problem to me only in case of 1024th record ..May be due to
some boundary condition related to paging.. (4 k memory = 1024 * 4 bytes)
-->Interesting thing is that this problem occurs rarely under normal if you try to create/delte 10000 interfaces also in any
existing netbsd won't give error/crash. But by looking at code
this problem seems logical..

Just add following check before while loop ends..


             ifp->if_index = if_index;
                       /* Change starts */
                        if(ifp->if_index == if_indexlim)
                       /* Change ends */

Just want you feedback on this issue..If I have missed anything

Thanks in advance,
Manish Aggarwal

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