Subject: Motorola MPC8245 internal UART support
To: None <>
From: Steve Wilson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/15/2003 15:31:20
I need to run NetBSD on a board with a Motorola MPC8245 processor.  I am
starting with the Sandpoint architecture, but that port did not make use
of the internal UART in the 8245, but rather with an external 16550-like
serial port, if I've read all the comments correctly.  On my board I
need to use the internal UART, which programmatically is identical to
the 16550, but is directly addressable as memory, rather than being hung
off of an ISA bus or PCI bus.

What would be the best way to go about this?  The current dev/ic/com.c
is written using bus_space routines and bus_space_tag and _handle
pointers, of course.  Should I re-write this to macro-ize all these
accesses?  Then how would I write the configuration file entry to locate
such a device?  Should I just copy the existing driver and make it
specific to the Sandpoint/8245 architecture?

I appreciate your collective guidance.  I'd like to do this The Right
Way from the beginning.

- Steve Wilson
  KarlNet, Inc.
  +1 614 822 5275 x118