Subject: Quesions concerning a new NetBSD Port
To: None <>
From: Zach Lowry <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/28/2003 07:16:09
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Hello everyone!

About a month ago I started porting NetBSD to the Sun386i. For those
who aren't familiar with the machine, it's basically a Sun3 with an
Intel 80386 and 80387, controlled by an 80380. This has been an
interesting project so far, to say the least. But, I have several
questions that I hope some people on here can help me out with. 

I started from the Sun3 port, replacing sections concerning CPU and
MMU-specific stuff as I went. Right now, I'm working with some MMU
stuff, mainly pte.h. When I replaced pte.h with it's i386
counterpart, compile gave errors about MMU calls, so I'm guessing
I'll have to wade through all the source code replacing every MMU
call with a i386 equivilent. 

One large problem is SRT0.S, which is is all in Motorola ASM. I'm not
sure how to port many of the small functions in this file, so I just
commented them out for now. Really, I can't even be sure that my port
would even need what's in this file... How is this usually handled?

At the moment I'm still concentrating on getting a good, working
bootloader. For the Sun3 port, that requires building everything in
stand/libsa, and I'm very close to having that going. But will it

Thanks everyone for reading, and now that I've found this list, I'll
probably ask more questions in the future...

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