Subject: UDF project
To: None <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/29/2003 15:52:25
Hiya folks,

an update on the `UDF project' as it progresses; I've started with the UDF 
dumper and generic UDF filingsystem support routines for a userland tool. 
This userland tool is now finished for read access.

The only delay that recently came in was that i just finished UDF 2.01 
reading support but then discovered that just a week ago after a three 
years of silence of the OSTA, UDF 2.50 came out! Not that many 
changes/additions but i'm now getting support for UDF 2.50 in it too.

The write part is mostly analysed and i'm now trying to find a way to not 
bluntly keep rewriting those ``precious'' CD/DVD media but kind of support 
softdeps too.

The kernel reading in has been a bit delayed due to lack of energy; i think 
the best way to start is to get a pseudodevice going for now since the 
reactions on adding a system call were not that enthousiastically taken.

The next step will be to get it to analyse CD/DVD/HD/files to check if i 
can manage to get it to issue SCSI commands on the devices and read from 
devices/files. This can then be used as a start for accessing filesystem 


P.S. i might not be able to work on it much due to holidays (give this guy 
a break too ;) ) but maybe i can work a bit on the userland tools since 
that doesnt demand sitting near the machine for the reset button :-P