Subject: Re: alternate rough SA patch (works on SMP)
To: Christian Limpach <>
From: Stephan Uphoff <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/28/2003 22:04:07
[cc line trimmed]

Christian Limpach wrote:
>> - as a target for mi_switch the lwp has to be in memory (l_flag & L_INMEM)

> I noticed these two since I sent the patch. 
> Don't we also need the L_INMEM  tests on UP?


> The cpu-queue wins over the 
> global queue if both have lwp's at the same priority.

This can theoretically cause starvation of LWPs on the global queue.

> Processes with SA enabled have a very strong affinity

You seem to have reduced the SMP case to a UP case with
respect to one SA process.
This means that your patch inherits the UP problems of the current
SA code. (Generally triggered by low memory conditions)