Subject: Re: SMBus support ?
To: None <>
From: orione <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/27/2003 19:18:55
> > Yes, I'm in touch with a FreeBSD guy, that last weekend together the xmbmon
> > developer add support for the GL518 chip; unfortunately this support is fully
> > via SMBus.
> mbmon claims to be using the SMBUS on netbsd-notsocurrent (jan 17, 2003)
>     $ mbmon -d
>     Using SMBus access method[VIA82C686(KT133/A)]!!
>     * Asus Chip, AS99127F found.

Sure, but it's beacause there is support on NetBSD for SMBus on the 686A, as
other noticed before.
I spent some time with my FreeBSD's friend, and I' read much source code from
NetBSD and FreeBSD, plus all the code he modified with the author of xmbmon, and
so the story go: no SMBus on the 586B? No GL518 support!

So, before try to break my head to get sum access to the chip, I've asked if
there is some work in progress, for what I'm available to make test.