Subject: Re: libpthread
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Andrey Petrov <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/21/2003 18:28:25
On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 05:56:20AM -0400, der Mouse wrote:
> >> Yes, okay, but what about these debugging options you were talking
> >> about?  That was the main point of my message... where do we find
> >> information on those?
> > Well, don't be afraid to read sources, pthread library is not large,
> > and it's usually hard to debug 'black box' anyway.
> Yes, but the person experiencing the problem is not always capable of
> reading code.  (On tech-kern that may be a more reasonable assumption,
> and among developers even more so, but I'm sure there are lots of
> NetBSD users who couldn't code their way out of a paper bag if you held
> it upside down for them, even if they might be capable of fetching
> distributions and typing "make".)

'make a system that even stupid will be able to use it and ...' etc.

(I don't think I confused lists, I apologize if I did).

Seriously, somehow I couldn't imagine the context, and if we're talking
about less experienced category of users then the best they can do is
to file prs and to collect as much information as possible for every
occasion. Eventually problems will be discussed and knowledge and
information will be collected.

More experienced category of users have no excuses. They have to
read and fix code and write documentation.

On the same note, I object reverting SA, UBC and SMP from -current.