Subject: Re: device polling system
To: mouss <>
From: Takahiro Igarashi <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/04/2003 09:08:16
sorry for replaying late.

> mouss <> wrote

> At 01:55 29/05/2003 +0900, Takahiro Igarashi wrote:
> >[snip]
> >what do you means "on the fly" for?  If it is that kernel
> >choices ether interrupt-driven or polling on some time, I
> >dont know the OSes which do so.  If it requires reasonably,
> >I must implement it.
> >
> >If it is that simply to switch between them, this code is
> >partly implemented.  I'll change switch from all or nothing
> >to nic base choice.
> One possibility would be to
> 1- switch from interrupt to polling if load is higher than some threshold T1
> load may be "speed" of interrupts (or "acceleration" so as to be somewhat
> proactive/predictive?)
> 2- switch back to interrupt if load is below some threshold T2
> (with T2 <= T1, possibly different).
> This requires keeping traffic infos. more elaborate algos might be better
> (but would add complexity?)

I just thought this idea, but I cannot have enough belief in
reasonability.  I wonder some daemon should watch this.

but just after I read what papers you pick, I say thank to
you, I'll try implementing this.
# I have little time to implement in work days, it'll be later X<

  Takahiro Igarashi