Subject: Re: USB device detection
To: Brad du Plessis <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/04/2003 00:47:08
Each USB driver is given the chance to look at the device and it will 
with a priority of how well it can handle the device (0 means it cannot
handle it at all).  So to get a device recognized as by the umodem driver
you need to change the match routine in umodem.c.
It's highly unlikely that this will work, though.  You have probably got
a USB winmodem.

    -- Lennart

Brad du Plessis wrote:

>Does anyone know where in the USB kernel code the descision is made as to what 
>device is connected to the USB port. I've searched through the code and don't 
>seem to be able to find exaclty where this is done. I have a USB modem 
>detected as a generic device and was wondering if it is possible to force it 
>to be a umodem.
>Any help would be much appreciated.
> Brad