Subject: Re: darren's ktrace lwp patch
To: Nathan J. Williams <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/03/2003 11:49:41
On Jun 3, 11:41am, ("Nathan J. Williams") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: darren's ktrace lwp patch

Ah, ok... Thanks. The reason I am asking is that I got jdk semi-working
but javac gets stuck in an infinite loop when compiling too many
files together. (sa_stacks-> timer_settime -> gettimeofday -> select
-> sa_stacks).  This behavior changes when I change the stacksize
of the lwp's from 1<<18 to 1<<20 (javac gets a segmentation fault).
Unfortunately gdb does not work properly with threads and ktrace
is pretty much useless since I cannot even tell what thread i am
running. Since this patch is so intrusive and it seems to me that
the consensus is that it is the right way to go, we might as well
apply it and fix what breaks, because it is very difficult to keep
a 70000 line diff in sync.


| I raised a number of issues with it in a reply that I believe went to
| this list. They were mostly trivial things, but there was a large
| concern about the possibility of keeping information based on LWP's
| and LWP IDs around for longer than the lifetime of the LWP itself. I
| believe Darren said he would ponder those and get back to us, and
| that's where things stand now.
|         - Nathan
-- End of excerpt from "Nathan J. Williams"