Subject: Re: db_strcpy()
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/17/2003 01:25:02
>> 	any reasons why db_strcpy() is provided in sys/ddb/db_examine.c?
>> 	i can't imagine situation where libkern strcpy() does not work and
>> 	db_strcpy() does.
>The six months between:
>date: 1993/03/21 09:46:25;  author: cgd;  state: Exp;
>when db_examine.c was checked in (initial import) and:
>revision 1.1
>date: 1993/10/27 22:00:50;  author: jtc;  state: Exp;
>Did a ``make copy-to-libkern'' from libc to copy libc files to libkern.
>Checking them in to make people happy.
>when it looks like libkern was made.

	hmm, then swithcing to strcpy() makes sense, i guess.

>Also, I guess it would make ddb more self-contained. i.e. so it can work
>on Mach and *BSD, w/o depending on the host kernel's facilities. Yes,
>_our_ strcpy does the right thing, but does (did) every other kernels??
	btw, strcat() is being called, not db_strcat :-)