Subject: Re: DLT1 (SCSI) tape drive
To: None <,>
From: Pascal Renauld <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/14/2003 17:53:29

You have the *old* ahc driver in your kernel which was known to be broken=
many places. Try to get the latest version from -current and this should =
your problem.

Network Storage Solutions, Inc.

> NetBSD 1.6 kernel with SCO/SVR4 emulation.  On an Intel Tupelo server
> (dual CPU) which has two SCSI adapters on board.  All from memroy,
> right now, as the host is waiting at a kernel debugger prompt.
> I have an HP DLT tape drive as device 5 on the first, externally
> acessible SCSI adapter, the only device, with a passive terminator.
> It worked OK given a
> =09# cd /
> =09# find . | cpio -ovH newc | dd if=3D/dev/rst0 bs=3D64k
> but trying to read the tape is not as happy.  I used, having checked
> the CPIO man page:
> =09# cpio -iH newc --io-size 65536 < /dev/rst0 > /dev/null
> which resulted in repeatable panics, the most recent:
> =09panic ahc_action: not tagged and device busy
> =09Stopped in pid 220 (cpio) at    cpu_Debugger+0x4:       leave
> I can provide more details if there are no suggestions on what to
> type at the db> prompt first.
> The HP tape drive is in fact OEM, but the manufacturer's name
> escapes me.  It's not one I'm familiar with.  HP call it a Surestore
> DLT VS80.  HP suggest using a blocking factor of 64K and it certainly
> made a difference in writing performance, while I got I/O errors
> trying to read with the default 512 bytes input block size.
> It's important to get this working as it is our choice of backup
> medium and, apparently, ought to interoperate with SCO Open Server
> 5 which is our primary server (sigh!) with NetBSD as the "hot
> stand-by" server.
> I'm not sure how much I could assist in identifying the problem
> more accurately and fixing it, but I'm willing to try.
> dmesg.boot and other details available on request.  The kernel is
> not a default, but should be fairly typical, I can supply the
> "config" file too.
> The Tupelo server has two ahc7899s (I seem to recall) on board.
> The second one is used for the hot-swappable bays with a SAF-TE
> backing plate ('scuse the terminology, I'm a little out of my
> depths).
> ++L