Subject: Maxiradio driver
To: None <>
From: George E Sollish <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/05/2003 14:52:13
Good Afternoon!

The erstwhile driver for the Gemtek/Guillemot Maxiradio PCI FM card, 'mr',
has been in NetBSD since pre-1.6.  It was imported without trial
(apparently) from OpenBSD where, after some time, they admitted it did not
work (they do not appear to have tried it either).

Early in our 1.6 days, OpenBSD replaced 'mr' with 'gtp' (which does work).
Our -current has also made this change.  I have been running my Maxiradio
with the 'gtp' driver in 1.6rc3 and now with 1.6.1.  Granted that I may be
the only one who cares and I know how to patch the kernel source to do so
already, but couldn't this change be made in -release?  I can't see any
reason for us to ship 'mr' in 1.6.1 if we know it doesn't work.

Just a thought.

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			Project Manager		The Payne Lake Project