Subject: Locore.c filename
To: tech-kern <>
From: John Gordon <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/04/2003 21:39:27
Hello folks,

I have just got to the testing phase of my little project to enable building of
the NetBSD under Cygwin/Windoze and discovered that on some architectures there
are source files that will result in object files that differ in only the case
of their name. The offending sources are locore.s and Locore.c, the latter of
which appears only in:


Is there a really good reason why this file was named in such a way as to make
it difficult (at best) to compile on a platform with a bad file system like
Windows? Is there any chance of getting them renamed so that the resulting
object file is unique even in a case insensitive environment? Something like
locore_c.c perhaps (I noticed that locore_subr.S is already there for powerpc
for example, so that name wouldn't work)...

For the rest of the Cygwin build issues I have been able to find a simple way
of fixing any problems that does not affect those using a real operating system
to build under, but this one is more complex to solve that way. For those
interested, I have i386 building on Cygwin, and was just finishing the build of
a PowerPC platform to test that when I encountered this little problem.

What do you think?


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