Subject: help nedded on the pms driver
To: None <>
From: Florence HENRY <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/04/2003 01:36:02

On my laptop (i386 running -current), there is a touchpad that is only
partially supported by the netbsd kernel.

the touchpad itself and the 2 buttons works, but the 4-way pad, which
provides a up/down and right/left scrolls (if you can't figure what I'm
talking about, see, does not work.

a cat /dev/wsmouse0 is echoing something when touching the touchpad,
clicking one of the 2 buttons, but nothing when clicking on the 4-way pad.
That's why I think the problem is located in the kernel and not in Xfree.

the whole mouse is a Synaptics one, and since I have the documentation,
( I planned to modify
the pms driver to make it work properly.

First, I turned "on" the Debug mode, and I saw that the mouse was
recognized as a PMS_STANDARD (3 buttons witout scroll).

I want to create a new protocol called PMS_SCROLL7. I understood (tell me
if I'm wrong) that I need to specify 3 different rates in the first fiels
of the struct pms_protocol. The problem is that in the Synaptics
documentation, there are plenty of rates, and I really don't know which
ones to put and in which order, and I don't want to guess.

So my question is : what are the rates that have to be specified in the
first field of the struct pms_protocol ?

thanks for any tip...

Florence HENRY
florence point henry arobasse obspm point fr