Subject: Re: kernel compilation using gcc 3.2.2 - supposed to work?
To: theo borm <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/22/2003 18:03:58
Apparently both the 'too many args' were fixed in -current
already. The zero format thing not (see Jason's reply).


theo borm wrote:
> Jason Thorpe wrote:
> > The fact that you had to modify the kernel sources to compile with 
> > 3.2.x is part of the problem ... GCC 3.3 has been modified to play 
> > nice with some of the constructs used in the NetBSD kernel. 
> Two of the three modifications were printf's with more arguments than
> there were in the format specification, the third was a zero length format
> specification. (see below for details).
> I'm not sure what the functions do or why they should call printf with such
> odd arguments. It makes me wonder whether the kernel sources should be
> fixed rather than the compiler?
> I look forward to 3.3 in a future release, but needed some of the 3-series
> features right now. It was curiosity that prompted me to give the kernel
> sources a try, and was pleasantly surprised. I have understood that others
> have been successfully using 3.2.2 to (cross-) compile kernels for some
> time now, and that it's user land that is giving (linking) trouble.
> with kind regards,
> Theo.