Subject: System fails to get interrupts with ACPI enabled
To: None <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 04/11/2003 18:05:05

I'm in the process of making something sane happen when the user 
pressed the power button on their ACPI-savvy PC, but I'm having a bit 
of trouble with ACPI working at all.

I have tried it on two different E7500-based systems, with the 
following configuration combinations:

	* using legacy PIC mode
	* using ioapic + MPACPI (but no MULTIPROCESSOR)
	* using ioapic + MPACPI (with MULTIPROCESSOR)

Each one was done with ACPI_PCI_FIXUP disabled (since it is know to not 
work well with PCI bridges, of which there are many on any E7500-based 

The symptom is that interrupts seem to not work.  Strangely enough, 
some do... i.e. if I bang at the serial console of one of these systems 
long enough, I eventually get a silo overflow error from com0.  On the 
other system, I guess clock interrupts are working, because I get the 
IDE "lost interrupt" messages.

Thoughts?  If you're an ACPI expert, and can help me with this, please 
feel free to contact me off-list (although please note that I will be 
away from the machines from Saturday - Wednesday).

         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>