Subject: Re: NetBSD usage in embedded environments
To: None <>
From: Kamal R Prasad <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/28/2003 09:28:08
Subject: Re: NetBSD usage in embedded environments
From: mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA (der Mouse)
Organization: TAC News Gateway
Date: Mar 27 2003 20:52:49
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> can you actually remove the swapper and/or some major subsystems
> using config?

>The swapper, no, I think not.  (Nor do you want to, probably, as much
>of the same code is used for things like paging text segments in from
there are embedded devices without a hard disk/swap space and the os is
booted from a flash device or some other read-only mechanism.
in that case, we need the pagedaemon to read-in text pages -but we do not
need to maintain copies of dirty pages and/or coalesce them as we just
cannot write them back.

> Some major subsystems - yes.  Filesystems can be excised fairly cleanly
> by removing file-system directives.  Some other subsystems (eg: the
> SV-compatible IPC stuff, LKMs, most compat modules, DDB, most device
> drivers, IPsec, probably others) can also be removed at config time.

an embedded device may not require ttys/remote login/sessions etc  and will
probably have only root access thro a serial port. Im not sure if we can
really remove a lot of the unused features of netbsd when it is ported to
the embedded domain.

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