Subject: Re: -RS/6000
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/27/2003 19:39:30
On 2003.03.27 14:10 Kamal R Prasad wrote:

> I have access to 43P-100
NetBSD should run on this. (The installer does not work correct, but
once the system is installed it is very stable.)=20

> as well as POWER based systems.
> what is the effort reqd to port it to POWER based systems?
I don't know enough about POWER and its relation to PowerPC. This can be
everything from fast and simple to complex and very time consuming. Ask
on There are the gurus who have the knowledge
to give you a better answer.

> will it find any end-users?=20
I am sure it will. There are many RS6k machines out there and many
people who like NetBSD.

> how mnay processors does netbsd scale to?
I think it has the same limits as every SMP implementation (with a big
kernel lock). So, depending on the task you have to do, the practical
limit is from 4 to 8. It may run on more CPUs, but this would be
inefficient. This is no limit in NetBSD, it is a systematic limit in SMP
systems. You need a different architecture for more CPUs. Somthing like
a cluster (RS/6000 SP, VAX/Alpha with OpenVMS or Tru64-Unix,
Linux-MOSIX, ...) or NUMA (Sequent Dynix, SGI IRIX, ...).=20