Subject: RE: NetBSD usage in embedded environments
To: Huy Vu <>
From: Wojciech Puchar <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/24/2003 18:27:25
> Cc: Stefan Sonnenberg-Carstens <>,
> Subject: RE: NetBSD usage in embedded environments
> >anyway my opinion is that any unix, even as good as NetBSD, shouldn't be
> >used in embedded environments, as it's just not designed for it!!!
> IMHO, it all depend on how you define "embedded".  Our product is a huge
> core router (, the resources on that board probably exeeds
> may high-end workstation and servers :-) .  Yet we would condser that

i think about miniature rather than embedded.

> Also the POSIX interface was existing INET source code was extremely useful
> when time-to-market is considered.

the problem is that time to market is too often considered. because of
that more and more craps are on market.

anyway - in that case NetBSD is perfect.

> The other issue to consider is SW licensing, IMO Linux is probably not good
> for embedded product, using Linux may expose your company to "legal" issues.

linux has GNU licence, you MUST give sources to public.

> I also agreed with you that Linux is on the road to bloat-ware. Back in 90s
> I was able to run a minimal Linux efficiently on an x86 based 8meg of ram
> and 2meg of flash for a small Telecom company in Virginia.  However recently

you are still able, just don't install craps like redhat.

linux != linux distribution

anyway - there should be not a problem to cut down netbsd to 2MB flash
with a little work