Subject: KDE3.1 crashes
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/2003 14:06:48
kde built just without error (ignoring font issues in kdegraphics3).  however when i run startkde, things go screwy.

1) immediatly after the splash screen disappears, i get a window (knotify) saying that the kicker crashed with signal 11.
2) immediatly after (1) another window box pops up saying that ksplash crashed.
3) kmail crashes immediately after the window is drawn.

during compilation i noticed that libtool was spitting some warnings saying something like warning: shared library.... seems to have been moved.  could this have something to do with the problems?

kde was built with pkgsrc from yesterday (2003-3-14), on -current 1.6P (i386)

i was running kde3.0.5a from pkgsrc without problems and i did a `make update` in the pkgsrc/x11/kde3 directory

any ideas for fixes?  does anyone have similiar (or contradictory) problems with kde3.1?