Subject: Re: Audio problems...
To: tech-kern <>
From: Adam K Kirchhoff <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/12/2003 17:33:04
On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:

> Hello all,


> 	So, I switched to a yamaha-754 based card, using the yds driver.
> The first problem was that the kernel would just stop booting when it
> deteced midi2 attached to yds0 (midi0 was attached pcppi0 and midi1 was
> attached to cmpci0).  Commenting out the appropriate lines in my kernel
> config got the machine up and running again.  I haven't had much chance to
> test everything, but xmms and mplayer work fine.  When I go to play
> bzflag, though, I get massive amounts of stuttering.  (the emuxki driver
> does not have this problem).

Just a followup to this one issue...  I started to do some more testing
when I got home from work and discovered that xgalaga does the same.  The
only difference is that xgalaga will actually core dump.

lbreakout2 and civclient both play audio fine, as does realplayer.

Can anyone recommend a way to debug this problem?