Subject: WaveTable midi
To: None <>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/04/2003 17:29:36
so my soundblaster AWE64 has two modes of doing MIDI... the manpage-proclaimed
"braindead" way, and Wavetable. BUT:
isapnp0: <Creative SB AWE64  PnP, CTL0022, , WaveTable> port 0x620/4 not

Is there any midi through wavetable support for any sound card in NetBSD? From
what I've read, wavetable is supposedly better than the standard way sound cards
do midi...

If I enable all the possible devices in the kernel for this sound card, I can
actually end up with midi0, midi1, and midi2. none of which work. Even with
pseudo-device sequencer, playing any form of midi does nothing at all, except
hang the process pretty well (I guess until it's done writing to the device), so
even control-C'ing it takes a bit to kill it.

So, is there wavetable support for any card? my brief look through sys/dev/ic
found some references to wavetable, but nothing related to midi using it. If
not, how hard would it be to support it?

If I am vastly misunderstanding wavetable, please correct me ;)


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