Subject: Re: Add a MAP_ALIGNED flag for mmap(2).
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/02/2003 21:34:24
At 08:35 PM 3/2/2003, Andrew Brown wrote:
> >I also like listing the alignment in terms of bytes, not pages, since it
> >means userland code doesn't care what the internal page size is. Also it
> >might help emulation if future systems raise the page size (like say we go
> >from 4k to 8k or 8k to 16k as part of a CPU transition) - we don't have to
> >keep track of the implicit page size.
>perhaps the alignment passed from userland could be considered the
>"smallest desired" alignment.  certainly if you ask for something
>aligned to 4k and you get something aligned to 8k, you haven't not
>gotten what you wanted.

Uh, that's aligned on a 4KB boundary so that's ok.

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