Subject: Re: Using Etherboot ELF/FreeBSD loader to netboot ELF/NetBSD
To: Wojciech Puchar <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/28/2003 13:58:26
> > What's wrong with grub? I find it nice. Not tried it with NetBSD, but
> > with Linux it works wery well.
> 1) it's complicated
> 2) it's huge

Well, it's actually an operating system with complexity IMHO approaching
DOS (maybe even exceeding), so you can't expect it to be small and simple.
I find useful to have a floppy with grub, to be able to diagnose
problems with bootloaders.

> 3) it has to be compiled for every card, and it doesn't compile well under
> NetBSD

I haven't tried netbooting with grub.

> 4) i just doesn't need any extra level or loaders!!!!

BSD's bootloader is not an extra level? What's the fundamental