Subject: New MP hang as of 030227
To: , <>
From: Petter Lindquist <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/27/2003 09:39:20
Finally netbsd brought life to the AIC7899 in my Dell poweredge 2650!

Compiled MP kernel.. Whoa! There I got that (in)famous SSH kernel panic.
Updated sources yesterday, that one should be fixed. Hmm, then we got this
interesting kernel panic while setting up routes. Or what it was.

Rumours told me this was fixed today so I upgraded again.
Ok, uni processor works now. MP kernel goes to the line

cpu1: CPU 2 running

and there it hangs.

Wonderful work so far, but what happened here?

Kernel configs and dmesg is presented at

/P=E5llen -