Subject: Re: resize_ffs (was: Re: JFS)
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/25/2003 21:56:47
On 2003.02.25 20:37 Brian Chase wrote:

> >  > I suspect that the FS has to be unmounted to be resized?
> > Yah, I think that applies with the FreeBSD growfs, too.
> But it doesn't apply to JFS under AIX or XFS under IRIX. =20
As well as to the Linux-XFS or Tru64 AdvFS. The FS _must_ be mounted RW
to be resizeable. To be able to resize a unmounted FS is nice, but it
means that all services must be stoped to be able to unmount the FS.
I.e. it is best to go single user mode to do this.=20

Similar to snapshoots. There is xfs_freeze to bring a XFS to a "clean"
state. Than can LVM functions be used to make a snapshoot on the
block-dev layer. This snapshoot is "clean" and can be mounted. When a
process writes to a frozen XFS, it is blocked. Nice but it interrupts
system activitys. AdvFS makes copy-on-write snapshoots on the FS layer.
The "cloned" FS is still full read/writeable.=20

I think I shuld go and learn more about LFS. ;-)=20