Subject: Re: obscure bug
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/21/2003 10:44:09
>Okay, I just built a new kernel from sources up-to-date as of about an hour ago.
>After booting it, I logged in, and ran startx & exit. The kernel paniced with
>a fatal uvm fault. I did not have DEBUG/DDB/makeoptions DEBUG="-g" in the kernel
>at the time.
>I rebooted, and (without starting X) rebuilt the kernel with all the debug
>Now, startx&exit works just like it did before, no panic.
>Is there any reason anyone can think of for this to happen? The only changes in
>kernel config between the kernel that paniced on startx and the kernel that
>doesn't are:
>options DEBUG
>options DDB
>makeoptions DEBUG="-g"
>in the currently working fine kernel.
>Any suggestions?

try doing a make cleandir and then a make dependall in your kernel
build directory, and then reboot with the resulting kernel.

that said...

what platform is this?  i386?  what's your securelevel set to before
you startx?  are you using the aperture driver (assuming you're using
i386)?  is your userland in sync with your kernel?  are you booting
from a kernel named /netbsd or do you name new kernels something else
when you boot them for the first time?

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