Subject: Re: JFS
To: Jochen Kunz <>
From: Ken Seefried <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/19/2003 19:03:42
Jochen Kunz writes:
> SGI XFS is quite good. Even the port to Linsux is it. I am using it on a
> production machine together with LVM.  

I can second that.  I had several moderately busy production servers on XFS 
until ext3 solidified; not sure if I made the right decision to change.  XFS 
on Linux is very good, and the SGI folks behind it are very, very good. 

One does have to consider it's future considering the precarious finances of 
SGI, but that's another discussion. 

> What I really want for NetBSD is the AdvFS from Tru64 / DEC UNIX /
> OSF/1.  

JFS (at least under AIX; I dunno about Linux or OS/2) has a number of your 
wish-list features, if sadly not all.  It's also been around for a loooong 
time, relatively speaking, so many of the issues have been shaken out. 

Oh, yeah...and we can look at the code...:-) 

> Besids all that speculation: (Linux) JFS, reiserfs and (Linux) XFS are
> GPLed (?). We would need a rerelease of the FS code under a BSD license.
> Somthing that may never happen.  

I suspect that you could approach the JFS or XFS teams and look to negotiate 
a dual license.  They come from the proprietary world; they'll understand. 

RiserFS...dunno, and dunno if it would be worth it. 

> Or just wait for the new FFS sugar candys that Mr. McKusik will provide
> to us. ;-)  

There is that...