Subject: Re: JFS
To: john heasley <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/19/2003 21:18:16
On 2003.02.19 19:50 john heasley wrote:

> i don't know anything about JFS, but resisefs found in linux would
> be an interesting feature.
OK, it is more than one year ago that I played with reisefs. But I was
not very impressed by it. No proper dump / restore tools, no real fsck,
no quotas (!), need special options at mkfs-time to be able to use files
larger then 2 GB, trouble interacting with NFS server code, ... Sory.
But resisefs is simply incomplete.=20

SGI XFS is quite good. Even the port to Linsux is it. I am using it on a
production machine together with LVM.=20

What I really want for NetBSD is the AdvFS from Tru64 / DEC UNIX /
OSF/1. This file system is _really_ advanced with its explicit
separation of data storage layer and data management layer. Reliable,
fast, very flexible storage management, you can grow and _shrink_ a R/W
mounted FS, move it to an other disk / logical volume, take snapshots,
ACLs, log structured / jornaled (meta- and optional file data), all the
standard Unix functionality, ...=20

Besids all that speculation: (Linux) JFS, reiserfs and (Linux) XFS are
GPLed (?). We would need a rerelease of the FS code under a BSD license.
Somthing that may never happen.=20

Or just wait for the new FFS sugar candys that Mr. McKusik will provide
to us. ;-)=20