Subject: Re: amd/nfs/vgone interaction.
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/11/2003 23:38:28
On Feb 12,  4:41am, (Frank van der Linden) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: amd/nfs/vgone interaction.

So are you fixing it, or should I? The larger story is: should VOP_RECLAIM
be accessing v_mount? if not, then the code that puts the vnode on the
free list should clear it.


| The simple solution is to move the code that references the NFS
| mount structure (the NQNFS timer stuff) to nfs_inactive. When
| a vnode's ref count drops to zero (which is when VOP_INACTIVE
| is called), there's no reason for it to be on that timer queue
| anymore, anyway.
| There seems to be locking problem should this code be used
| without the big lock, btw. vput() puts the vnode on the freelist
| before calling VOP_INACTIVE, as does vrele, and VOP_INACTIVE
| is called without the interlock held.  But that's a different
| story.
| - Frank
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