Subject: Re: Technical Differences of *BSD and Linux
To: arief_mulya <>
From: John-David Childs <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/03/2003 21:29:09
> > > 4. Any chance of merging the very best part of each kernel?
> > > 5. Or is it possible to do so?
> > 
> > No, I don't forsee merging. der Mouse pointed out the GPL issue, which is
> > one where I think the BSD and Linux folks will just agree to disagree.
> Besides some big issues of ideology, there is also the issue of some strong
> personalities evidenced by Theo de Raadt's rather helpful post, and also
evidenced by the BSD's continued slide into technological irrelevance,
despite the fantastic and superior work of a few good hackers.  I've
been a die-hard FreeBSD sysadmin for nine years now (and OpenBSD for
awhile until the caustic attitudes there encouraged me to fsck my
OpenBSD servers), but bullshit holier-than-thou posts like Theo's are
not only *not* going to win converts, but they seriously malign the rest
of the community.

Eventually, the die-hards will die hard, and the lack of new competent
BSD hackers will seal the coffin...the BSD sysadmin will be sent packing

> To the original poster: This kind of posting is very unhelpful.  If you
> want to learn about the different systems, subscribe to some of the mailing
> lists for each group, and watch for a while so that you can build your own
> understanding of what is going on in the respective groups.

In other words, except for the *hacker/*tech lists, there is no such
thing as a stupid question.  In the *hacker/*tech lists, there are very
few who have achieved the greatness required to engage in
shut up, stupid.

Perhaps it might behoove the respective lists to create a, uh,
sheesh...document (I'd hate to use such a passe' term like FAQ), of
questions which should never be asked on the list because they'd cause
too many flames and not enough "valid dialogue".