Subject: Re: DEV_B_SIZE
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: Steve Byan <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/31/2003 14:10:54
On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 01:51  PM, Lord Isildur wrote:

> to just get the performance of aligned accesses, we dont need to modify
> block sizes and such stuff. an an example, read the paper linked to 
> from
> this;
> (brought to you by the same folks who did soft updates and raidframe)

Thanks, I'm aware of the excellent CMU paper. In fact, if anyone wants 
a way to get the complete physical geometry of Maxtor SCSI disks just 
by reading mode-pages, email me and I can supply the details.

  My concern is with the proposed backward-compatibility mode, which I 
fear subtly breaks the failure semantics which systems with persistent 
storage rely upon to recover.

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