Subject: Re: SYS_sigaction on NetBSD ?
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Klaus Klein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/23/2003 16:27:01
Marc Recht <> writes:

> > NetBSD-current's sigaction(2) uses the SYS___sigaction_sigtramp slot,
> > through which a libc-provided signal trampoline is registered with the
> > kernel (as well as the larger signal mask from SYS___sigaction14).
> I'm not quite sure if I unstand this correctly.. Does it mean I should
> use SYS___sigaction_sigtramp on -current ? Or am I just fine with
> SYS___sigaction14 (which seems to do the sigtramp magic for me) ?

The future-proof interface would be SYS___sigaction_sigtramp indeed.
While SYS___sigaction14 is currently not coupled to COMPAT_16, it may
happen in the future.  The same is true for the kernel-supplied
on-stack signal trampoline code (i.e., installing a signal handler
without supplying a userlevel trampoline).

- Klaus