Subject: Re: SYS_sigaction on NetBSD ?
To: Marc Recht <>
From: Klaus Klein <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/22/2003 23:57:24
Marc Recht <> writes:

> While browsing through 3rd party app, I came across the SYS_sigaction
> syscall. Linux and FreeBSD seem to have that one, but I was unable to
> find it on NetBSD 1.6M (only in the compat layer). That made me a bit
> curious... So, I'm wondering, what is the corresponding syscall on
> NetBSD? Is there any? Any help appreciated.

Back in 1998, sigset_t was extended to accomodate 128 signals, and in
due course several interfaces using it changed, including struct
sigaction. A new SYS___sigaction14 was added to use the new structure,
and the old SYS_sigaction, renamed to SYS_compat_13_sigaction13,
remained in the same syscall slot for compatibility reasons.

NetBSD-current's sigaction(2) uses the SYS___sigaction_sigtramp slot,
through which a libc-provided signal trampoline is registered with the
kernel (as well as the larger signal mask from SYS___sigaction14).

- Klaus