Subject: Re: nullfs mounts
To: None <>
From: Matthew Mondor <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/18/2003 06:17:59
On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 10:24:33AM +0100, Jaromir Dolecek wrote:

> Matthew Mondor wrote:
> > Possibly indirectly related to this I noticed that reverse name cache for
> > inode->filename can only optionally be enabled with NAMECACHE_ENTER_REVERSE
> > at kernel compilation time, and that it only seems to apply to linux procfs
> > simulation for memory maps display. I thought that it might be useful if
> > fstat(1) could optionally benefit from that as well, with a new flag...
> How it could benefit?

Well it would then optionally be possible to obtain the filenames additionally
or instead of the inodes on opened files via a new fstat(1) command line
parameter... Instead of having to guess which is which (or to recursively
search for matching inodes on filesystem)...