Subject: 1:1 threading model
To: None <>
From: Bang Jun-Young <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 01/08/2003 15:45:45

Recently I read two papers on 1:1 threading, "Multithreading in the
Solaris Operating Environment" and "The new Native POSIX Thread Library
for Linux". Both of them describe how 1:1 outperforms M:N model (i.e. 
scheduler activations) with more simplicity in the userland code. 

Now I have a couple questions: even if nathan_sa branch is merged into
the main trunk in the (near) future, will we still be able to investigate
1:1 threading model on the same code base? Is it possible to support both
models in the same kernel? For the latter, at least Solaris seems so.


Bang Jun-Young <>