Subject: Re: IPF and ALTQ with 1.6_STABLE
To: Matthew Mondor <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/21/2002 10:15:11
On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 06:05:25PM -0500, Matthew Mondor wrote:
>  I first noticed that options(4) does not have any information on enabling
>  support for altq, and I found no GENERIC configuration files examples to
>  do it, even commented out. Although some altq-related man pages are there,
>  rc.conf(5) has been updated and /etc/rc.d/ scripts as well. Would anyone
>  know the specific keyword I should use in my kernel configuration file to
>  enable it?

options ALTQ

>  Then I noticed that IPF support, although compiled in, does not seem to work
>  at all anymore (which used to work fine with 1.5.3)... config(8) also didn't
>  show any warnings before compilation, compilation went well, but I get
>  ioctl(2) errors.

This sounds like the classic ipfilter problem - your kernel and
userland binaries are out of sync. Make sure you've updated both.