Subject: probing parallel and serial ports
To: NetBSD technical kernel mailing list <>
From: David Ferlier <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/10/2002 00:05:53
Hi all,

I am writting the pkgsrc for a linux gpl soft.
This piece of software is useful to me in that it allows file transfers
with a Ti calculator. I have a TI92+.

It consists of three libraries, and one of them is libticables. So far, porting
was easy but i just met a difficulty. In this library there is a routine that
probes serial and parallel ports. They do that very badly by doing a opendir
on /proc/sys/dev/parport/ and /prot/tty/driver/serial. Then they do readdir
on it and they know which ports are available.

This feature is not in NetBSD's /proc, and in my opinion that's a good thing.

I just need to know if there are better ways to probe parallel and serial ports
than just do reads on /dev/tty0* (i can't do memory reads at 0x2f8 and 0x3f8 
ports right ?)

Thanks in advance


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