Subject: Re: kernel panic in nfs_reclaim (kern/17107)
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/30/2002 20:52:15
In article <>,
Artem Belevich <> wrote:
>I keep getting gernel panics in 1.6 kernel whenever there is a process
>that does a lot of stat calls. That, unfortunately, involves
>/etc/daily script and nightly backups. The crash always happens in the
>same place (see kern/17107 and the stack trace below).
>This was happening with 1.6_BETA1 and it's still in 1.6-RELEASE.
>Frank van der Linden suggested that it may be a "race condition with
>reclaiming vnodes and unmounting a filesystem; this vnode seems to
>have its mountpoint zeroed out too soon".
>I would appreciate any hints/clues/suggestions/whatnot that would help
>me to find solution of workaround for the panic.

Yes, frank appears to be right; try changing:

	if ((nmp->nm_flag & NFSMNT_NQNFS) && np->n_timer.cqe_next != 0) {

	if (nmp && (nmp->nm_flag & NFSMNT_NQNFS) && np->n_timer.cqe_next != 0) {

in nfs_node.c.