Subject: kernel panic in nfs_reclaim (kern/17107)
To: None <>
From: Artem Belevich <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/30/2002 11:08:44

I keep getting gernel panics in 1.6 kernel whenever there is a process
that does a lot of stat calls. That, unfortunately, involves
/etc/daily script and nightly backups. The crash always happens in the
same place (see kern/17107 and the stack trace below).

This was happening with 1.6_BETA1 and it's still in 1.6-RELEASE.

Frank van der Linden suggested that it may be a "race condition with
reclaiming vnodes and unmounting a filesystem; this vnode seems to
have its mountpoint zeroed out too soon".

I would appreciate any hints/clues/suggestions/whatnot that would help
me to find solution of workaround for the panic.



 nfs_reclaim(e6d59be4,8,0,c02a5cd3,ca85d4a8) at nfs_reclaim+0x54 
 VOP_RECLAIM(e49b5d74,e4f9b3ac,200000,c02a5520) at VOP_RECLAIM+0x2e 
 vclean(e49b5d74,8,e4f9b3ac,c02a8f65) at vclean+0xc7 
 vgonel(e49b5d74,e4f9b3ac,0,c0260722) at vgonel+0x46 
 getnewvnode(1,c1450600,c1322f00,e6d59cdc,e077b03c) at getnewvnode+0x210 
 ffs_vget(c1450600,26d7b5,e6d59d68,e4f9b3ac,e56eeb04) at ffs_vget+0x4f 
 ufs_lookup(e6d59da0,30002,e6d59db0,c02b07c9,e6d59e98) at ufs_lookup+0x9a9 
 VOP_LOOKUP(e56eeb04,e6d59ea8,e6d59ebc,e6d59dfc,0) at VOP_LOOKUP+0x35 
 lookup(e6d59e98,e5a89000,400,e6d59eb0,e6d59f80) at lookup+0x294 
 namei(e6d59e98,805584c,60,c04eebe0,e6d59f80) at namei+0x297 
 sys___lstat13(e4f9b3ac,e6d59f80,e6d59f78,c03766af) at sys___lstat13+0x4f 
 syscall_plain(1f,1f,1f,1f,8055900) at syscall_plain+0xa7