Subject: Need explaination - kernel debugging!
To: None <>
From: Charu Pakar <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/18/2002 21:24:14
As a newbie I would like to learn kernel debugging.

Given is a kernel panic. I need to know how to
interpret this :

Platform : PowerPC (embedded)

Stopped in pid 68 (mydssrv) at cpu_Debugger+0x18:     
lwz     r11, r1, 0x0
db> trace
0xe9ba8bc0: at panic+1b0
0xe9ba8c70: at trap+f48
0xe9ba8d10: kernel PGM trap by 0x0: srr1=0x89032
            r1=0xe9ba8dc0 cr=0x2000f032 xer=0
  <????>  : at recvit+20c
0xe9ba8dc0: at recvit+5c
0xe9ba8e60: at sys_recvfrom+e8
0xe9ba8eb0: at trap+a20
0xe9ba8f50: user SC trap by 0x418f64c4: srr1=0xf032

            r1=0x7fffea80 cr=0x28000000 xer=0x20000000

db> show event
evcnt type 2: cpu0 traps = 257457
evcnt type 2: cpu0 kernel DSI traps = 1028
evcnt type 2: cpu0 user DSI traps = 14143
evcnt type 2: cpu0 user ISI traps = 3949
evcnt type 2: cpu0 system call traps = 204248
evcnt type 2: cpu0 FPU unavailable traps = 4904
evcnt type 2: cpu0 FPU context switches = 4780
evcnt type 2: cpu0 user alignment traps = 78

db> show pool
POOLtrap: kernel read DSI @ 0x41820040 by 0x200008
(DSISR 0x40000000, err=14)
panic: trap

Questions :
a) What is a "kernel PGM trap" ?
b) What kind of symptom does this indicate ?
c) "show pool" gave a kernel DSI trap does this mean
that there is corruption of kernel data ?

Any and all help appreciated ?


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