Subject: RE: zbufs for NetBSD
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List: tech-kern
Date: 09/06/2002 14:11:31
Recieving and transmitting large volumes of data is where zbufs would be a
help.  NetBSD on large data transmits of memory mapped files does a minimal
amount of coping, but recieving large amounts of data is another question.
Does NetBSD perform the same way when receiving data from the network to a
memory mapped file?  

When recieving data that is measured in megabytes per second, and with
networks moving to 10 Megabytes (100Mbit/sec) to 100 Megabytes
(1000Mbits/sec), it would seem that doing a zero copy recieve would be
advantageous.   Preallocating recieve buffers and managing VM tables would
seem a faster solution than memcpy when dealing with megabytes/sec data


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Subject: Re: zbufs for NetBSD

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 > Just wanted to follow up and see what decision (if any) has been made
 > zbufs and NetBSD.

No decision has been reached, as far as I can tell.  I think I still need
a lot of convincing that they're really necessary :-)

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>