Subject: Re: uid,gid, and socket protocols
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Joe Reed <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/06/2002 13:48:37
> >2) how to i determine what protocol a socket is using?  i want to be able
> > to differentiate between a TCP/UDP/ICMP socket.  i was looking at the
> > protosw struct, but couln't find the values for the pr_protocol member. 
> > where are they located?
> so->so_proto->pr_protocol?

right, i got that far. there's a pr_type and a pr_protocol in teh protosw 
struct.  but i cannot seem to find what values of those entries correspond to 
what protocols (TCP/UDP/ICMP).  am i missing something here, or are those 
values tucked away somewhere else?