Subject: Re: remove duplication of device majors list.
To: None <>
From: MAEKAWA Masahide <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/04/2002 01:45:28
Chuck Silvers <> wrote:
>how about making MAKEDEV entire table-driven and having the
>script itself common to all platforms?  it would be nice
>to not have to update all the scripts when adding a new driver.
>there would be more to parameterize than just the major numbers,
>but it doesn't seem like there are all *that* many different variants.

How about this?

MAKEDEV.<arch> - machine dependent part (installed as MAKEDEV)
MAKEDEV.majors - machine dependent major list (generate by devmajors.awk)

machine independent parts:


Machine independent parts called from MD-MAKEDEV and shared with all ports.

These are imcomplete yet, but reduced total script size.

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