Subject: Supporting sector size != DEV_BSIZE on lfs
To: None <>
From: Trevin Beattie <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/19/2002 14:08:21
More confusion.

I've come up to a piece of code which uses the macro fragstofsb(), so I
tried looking at the #definition of fragstofsb to figure out what the input
/ output units should be.  The macro combines the following three variables:

lfs_blktodb -- I *think* this converts lfs blocks to/from sectors (the
comment "blktodb and dbtoblk shift constant" does NOT help at ALL)

lfs_fbshift -- converts lfs frags to/from blocks (according to the comment
"fast mult/div for frag from block")

lfs_fsbtodb -- I *think* this converts lfs frags to/from sectors (the
comment "fsbtodb abd dbtodsb shift constant" does NOT help at ALL; plus it
sounds like the writer had a cold ;)

If I substitute units into the equation "((fs)->lfs_blktodb -
(fs)->lfs_fbshift - (fs)->lfs_fsbtodb)", I get the following:

sectors     blocks      frags       1
-------  *  ------  *  -------  =  ---
blocks      frags      sectors      1

!!  Following my assumptions, the macro fragstofsb() does nothing!!
Obviously I must have made a mistake somewhere.

According to sbin/newfs_lfs/lfs.c, my assessment of lfs_blktodb is correct
(lines 362-363).  So is lfs_fsbtodb (line 364).  So, in fact, is
lfs_fbshift (lines 311, 313, and lfs.h line 299).  SO WHAT THE HECK IS
WRONG HERE?!?  (Sorry for shouting.  I'm just frustrated due to my lack of
experience with LFS.)

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