Subject: Re: patch for wscons scrolling
To: David Ferlier <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/13/2002 02:43:21
[ On Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 03:25:09 (+0200), David Ferlier wrote: ]
> Subject: patch for wscons scrolling
> I finally got decent sources to code, thanks to a friend and his dsl line ;-)
> I'd like some people to test the code i wrote for wscons (or give me
> some feedbacks) : the patch supports scrolling up/down on all wscons
> terminals. You can scroll with Shift (any shift suits) + PgUp/PgDown.

I really like the logical concept of using the "Scroll-Lock" key to put
the screen in "scrolling mode" for those console interfaces where such a
key is available.  Then you can use PgUp/PgDwn (if available on the
current keyboard), or cursor keys (if available), or some (possibly
user-defined) keys (eg. vi or emacs keys) to move the screen window
around on the console buffer.

(if anyone on a wscons-supported console really needs "scroll lock" in
the traditional sense of "pause the output for now" then they can easily
use <CTRL-S> and <CTRL-Q> or whatever XON and XOFF are set to for this
purpose -- scroll lock mode for examining the buffer shouldn't pause
output, nor should it move the position of the screen within the buffer
relative to the currently displayed text, at least not until the screen
is displaying the first available lines of ouput from the buffer at
which point there is no choice but to scroll the output on the screen
since the initial line(s) of the currently displayed output must
necessarily be discarded in order to make room for the new text being
output on the console)

Sorry I can't test your code right now as I'm not regularly using any
wscons capable workstation(s) -- I'm still mostly using rcons on sparc,
though one day I may eventually find time to repaire (and some RAM,
etc.) to get a multia running as an X11 workstation again....

								Greg A. Woods

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