Subject: Re: ddb and remote gdb
To: None <>
From: Michael Core <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/31/2002 01:16:44 (Kamal Prasad) wrote:

>  the problem with this feature is that in kgdb mode,
> the system will wait for a 'c' on the remote machine's
> gdb prompt before continuing with the boot-up and will
> be stuck if there is no remote machine on the serial
> port. Im interested in getting the system up with no
> remote machine attached to the serial port and to plug
> into the machine's serial port only in case of a
> panic.

If you compile the kernel with DDB and set your console to ttyXX in
/etc/ttys the system should behave as you described. Though I'm not sure
whether this works during booting.