Subject: NFS/Linux compatibility
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/27/2002 10:45:38

> I actually implemented that back when I redid the cookie stuff. The 
> '-X' option to mount_nfs will do this, it uses the already available
> cookie hash table to generate a fake 32 bit value. It's documented
> in the compat_linux.8 manpage, even.

That sounds fine to me. (I'll be wantin' to get that code merged in with the
4.4 stuff someday. No rush though, it'll be quite a while before V4 is ready
to hit the streets.) I was assuming that the references to glibc were talking
about stuff already linked into a Linux binary, so it couldn't be fixed. But,
if it's a shared library that can be fixed, that sounds better, to me. As you
can tell, I'm completely out of date w.r.t. what NetBSD has in it:-)

Best of luck with it, rick