Subject: Re: remote debugging with kgdb
To: None <>
From: Kamal Prasad <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/23/2002 08:40:18
I would like to re-phrase this question:-
there is an embedded device running netbsd on a
powerpc processor. a panic will force the user to
power down/up the system in order to get it
operational. there is no soft-reboot mechanism in the
system. the image on the embedded device is different
from that on the remote machine (G4) which is used
both to build the target kernel and the
tftp/ftp/dhcp/nfs server for the embedded device.
the embedded device picks the kernel from the server
via a directly connected ethernet link.
I need help in saving the core file on the G4 in case
of a panic and to analyze the core with ref. to the
source code rather than disassembled code which is
what ddd does.
thanks for any help.

--- Kamal Prasad <> wrote:
> Hello,
>  I saw the FAQ for remote debugging with kgdb.
> The problem at my end is like this:-
> ---------------------------------------------
> 1. the netbsd is running on a controller that boots
> off flash, and gets the ip through dhcp and then
> does
> the ftp/tftp to get the kernel image. the processor
> is
> a powerpc chip.
> 2. the kernel is built on a G4 running netbsd. the
> kernel image is different on the G4 as compared to
> that ont the controller because the former is a
> full-fledged workstation and the latter is an
> embedded
> device.
> 3. the connection between the 2 is an ethernet port.
> (its the same one that is used to get the ip address
> from dhcp server running on the G4). note that this
> ethernet port is directly connected to the G4 and
> there are some more ethernet ports on the device.
> -------------------------------------------
> I need advice in determining if:-
> (a) remote debugging is possible in this scenario
> and
> (b) how do I go about doing it.
> thanks
> -kamal
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